Pakistani & Indian Recipes

by Dr Kevin Johnston

Food from South East Asian territory, which now covers the countries of India and Pakistan, have now become a preference among folks all over the planet. It international popularity is a modern development. The Pakistani and Indian food gives an experience different from any other culinary in the west.

The Moguls entered this region and brought with them these mouth watering dishes that had rich Turkish and Persian influences. Dishes like Biryani, Kebabs and the different styles of curry were all part of Mughlai (of or pertaining to the Moguls) food.

The names of the dishes are mostly Persian which happened to be the accepted language of the Mogul court. The tasty include of a version of meatballs with curry called karhaii and koftas which is a chicken curry laced with tomatoes, Barbecued skewered chicken pieces named Tikka, minced meat recipe known as Qeema, a rice dish called Pulao, a hot meat concoction using numerous authentic herbs named Nihari and not to mention their famous bread called Naan which is an oval, fluffy adaption of bread much similar to pizza bread and a flatter version called chapatti.

Then there is a fried bread made with frying oil named paratha. The conventional naan may also be stuffed with an array of substances like minced meat to make whats referred to as qeema naan and you can also fill it with potatoes to make Aaloo naan

This cuisine has a few tasty desserts too. The gulab jaman that is a kind of dessert made in the form of little balls, and immersed in sweet liquid; Sheer Khurma which is a mix of roasted vermicelli boiled in sweetened, condensed milk. Then there is a style of rice pudding known as kheer. They also prepare a variety of jam like desserts called Murrabba which is a fruit preserved in sugar, and retains the goodness of the fruit. Almost any fruit may be employed for this purpose but the most famous are the ones prepared with mangoes, apples and apricots.

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Protein and Osteoporosis: Myths and Facts

by Jim Duffy

Osteoporosis is a general decrease in peak bone mass which may be a part of normal aging in most cases, however, the actual bone loss can lead to fragile and easily broken bones especially in the wrists and hips. It affects women more often than men with about of American women suffering from some level of osteoporosis to some degree. It only affects 1/8 of men.

There are several factors that increase risk and certain demographic groups are more likely to have severe osteoporosis than others. These include Asian, American and Caucasian women. Risk factors include: smoking, heavy use of alcohol, steroid medication use, anticonvulsants, heparin (an anti coagulant medication) inflammatory bowel disease (both Chrohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis) and a sedentary life style. Small framed women are most susceptible and those who have family history, particularly of vertebrae fractures are also high risk groups (Source: Ammer, 2005).

Symptoms of osteoporosis include backache, a possible loss of height, abdominal distension and Dowager's Hump. Women who are at increased risk or those who show any of the symptoms of osteoporosis should have a bone scan which can determine how thin or thick the bone mass is. The National Osteoporosis Foundation suggests bone scans for:

- All women at age 65 or older

- Post-menopausal women under age 65 with one or more of the major osteoporosis risk factors

- Post-menopausal women who have broken a bone

- Those on long term estrogen replacement therapy

- Women who have taken glucorticoids for two months or longer

- Those with medical conditions that increases their risk

- Women who have lost one inch or more in height

- Women with a body mass index that is below 18.

Preventing osteoporosis is much easier than trying to deal with it once it is started. There are medications that can restore some bone density, but it does not work for everyone and can take a long time to start. There are several steps that can be taken to make sure that the bone density stays strong- including a healthy diet and weight bearing exercise. In addition, making sure that there is enough calcium in the diet is very important as well.

It is a persistent myth that protein can cause or exacerbate osteoporosis in the general public, however, that has been repeatedly shown to be false in numerous studies. The theory is that increased protein raises the acidity of the blood causing the body to use mineral from the bones to buffer the blood and bring this acid level back down to its normal range.

Early studies suggested that protein caused a faster rate of exertion of calcium in the urine, however newer studies are showing that 1) this is not actually true and 2) the results that were retrieved with the early studies were possibly skewed. Newer studies are showing that in some cases, the reverse might actually be true, however there are several factors that have to be considered-

- Earlier tests may not have taken into account mitigating factors including overall general health, dietary intake, activity level, gender and family history

- Athletes, who already have denser bones than others are typically the ones that are eating the higher protein amounts that were used in the earlier testing.

(Source: Rivera)

Most of the people who are at higher risk of osteoporosis are in their sixties or seventies. Most of this age group is not eating high protein diets to begin with, however they should be increasing their overall protein intake as well as their calcium intake, to protect against osteoporosis and other conditions and diseases that they may be facing.

Older adults typically do not have good appetites nor do they eat a healthy and well balanced diet. There are several reasons that older people, especially women, stop eating but it increases their risk for a number of vitamin and mineral deficiencies which may also increase their risk for osteoporosis.

Phosphorous is also a problem with those at high risk for osteoporosis. Sources for phosphorous includes: soda, halibut, non-fat yogurt, skim milk, salmon, chicken breast, oatmeal, extra lean ground beef, broccoli and lima beans. Nearly all (85%) of the phosphorous in the body is located in the bones and is vital for many of the chemical reactions in the body. However, the balance of calcium to phosphorous is so delicate that too much phosphorous will leach calcium from the bones and into the blood stream where it will eventually be filtered by the kidneys and then excreted by the bladder in the urine. It may be this imbalance that suggests that protein is the culprit (most of the foods that are high in phosphorous are also protein foods) (Source: Feinstein, ed. 1996).

Eating a Better Diet for Health and Well Being

Experts suggest that seniors should increase their protein intake regardless of their activity level, however they should also increase their activity level. Weight bearing exercise can help maintain their bone density and prevent them from getting osteoporosis or can slow the progression of the disease. To have the energy that is needed to accomplish these exercises as well as being able to build lean muscle mass, the diet has to include the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Because of the lack of appetite, using a protein supplement between meals or as a meal replacement might be beneficial to the older adult.

Protein, because it is so important to the body, must be consumed in the right amounts, but the right types of protein may also be a beneficial consideration as well. After all, not all proteins are created equally. Soy protein, for instance has been shown to decrease bone loss in postmenopausal women as well as another of additional health benefits (Source: Creighton University School of Medicine, Alternative Medicine). Miso, which is a fermented soy bean pasted favored by the Japanese, has been shown to increase bone density in post menopausal women as well as decreasing breast cancer risk. (

Protein Supplements to Try

Soy protein and soy products such as miso are good sources of phytoestrogens, however, there are other protein sources that might be beneficial to the newly active, older adult, making sure that they are getting enough protein in their diet and possibly enough calories as well.

Profect from Protica, is one of the most convenient forms of protein supplements and can be found in several flavors and several strengths. The single serve Profect vial has one 25 gram serving, while the double strength 50 gram serving has two. It is thicker than the original and can be consumed as is or can be mixed with juice or water. A larger bottle containing 10, 20 gram servings is also available and is thicker than the original version as well. All are available in several different flavors and have zero carbs and zero fats.

Soy protein is not only found in food sources, but in powdered supplement form, as both an isolate and a concentrate. There are some people who are allergic to soy however, so be careful when starting it as a supplement and always check with your doctor before adding any kind of supplement to your diet.


Christine Ammer. The New A to Z of Women's Health Check Mark Publishing, Garden City, New York 2005

Creighton University School of Medicine, Alternative Medicine

Alice Feinstein, Managing Editor. Healing With Vitamins: The Most Effective Vitamin and Mineral Treatments for Everyday Health Problems and Serious Disease. Rodale Press. Emmaus, Pennsylvania 1996

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Protica Research (Protica, Inc.) specializes in the development of Capsulized Foods. Protica manufactures Profect, IsoMetric, Pediagro, Fruitasia and over 100 other brands, including Medicare-approved, whey protein liquid for bariatric patients. You can learn more at Protica Research - Copyright

Take a dose of Green Lipped Mussel !

by Rafael Beau

When you refer to about the most important role that it had given to our body and our living means you are talking none other than joints. It should always be inculcated in one's mind that devoid of joints means without movements in the likes of stretching, swivelling, pivoting, and pointing. When you say movement then you are referring to joints in the body. Bending and straitening is the works of hinge joints since it is related to the opening and closing of the door. Some examples of hinge joints are the elbow, knee, ankle and joints between the fingers.

Ball and socket joints allow twisting and turning movements. In a ball and socket joint, one of the bones has a rounded head which is the ball. The other bone has a cup-like area that is known as the socket. Some of these joints are the shoulder and the hip. The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in the entire body. It allows movement in any direction. There are other types of joints in the body. Gliding joints allow two flat bones to slide over each other like in the bones of the foot and wrist. The joint that allows the head to nod and the fingers to bend is called condyloid joints while the joint that consents enough flexibility for the thumb to touch any other finger is called saddle joint. We always take for granted the magnitude of joints because of the lifestyle that we have nowadays .

The search for immediate relief from excruciating pain occurs from the sheer act of lifting one's arm, bending knees or even wiggling a toe happens. If you have tested all the drugs in the market for relieving the pain of your joints then you are deceitful because that denotes that you never had tried green lipped mussel capsule from green lipped mussel

When you say sushi then you might be referring to green-lipped mussel and it does not comprise heavy metal. Omega-3 , lipids, and chondroition sulphate are the significant nutrients of green lipped mussel and the incredible effects of green lipped mussel is creating numerous of headlines. The important nutrients derived from mussels is very important to the treatment of joint health issues.

Green lipped mussels have originated from Perna canaliculus and these can only be found in New Zealand. Green lips, greenback, or green shell mussels are the other designation for green lipped mussels. When the green lipped mussels are harvested, they are quickly freeze-dried in order that the nutrients do not oxidize. After freeze drying, the lipids are extracted, making for a most popular formula to treat such health issues as inflammation.

You should always be aware that the authentic green lipped mussel capsule comes in limited availability because of the limited suppliers for mussels and it always undergoes strict laboratory tests, thus its price is always dear.

Many are taking advantage of the incredible wonders of green lipped mussels. We should always take preventative measures when we want to avail green lipped mussels supplement.

According to the NZMIC, any product labelled as green lipped mussel extract must have originated from Perna canaliculus. Thus, excellent joint health products always mean green lipped mussel capsule from!

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Direct Health Store has been a leading figure in the health industry offering superior mainstream products such as liquid glucosamine, royal jelly and not only that they also offer an education opportunity to individuals providing more knowledge on natural pregnancy.

Restaurants Charlottesville Insider Investigation Of Fare, Spirits and Events.

By Mike Long

Restaurants Charlottesville (RCV) goes in depth to review restaurants and event venues in the small but increasingly popular town of Charlottesville and other venues in Albemarle County and the Shenandoah Valley. Touted by Cities Ranked and Rated as the best town to live in America back in 2004, Charlottesville has continued to get better and better. One of the biggest reasons for this small town, totalling around 100,000 residents while the University of Virginia is in session, is because it's unique mixture of widely varied unique, special restaurant offerings, and it's vibrant local music scene.

Charlottesville and the surrounding Albemarle County area is growing explosively in population in great part because of the high standard of living and the many amenities and services available. One of the most exciting things about the growth of this area is the growth of so many interesting and totally different food and music venues, and how fare and music combine to provide a unique entertainment experience.

Here's the scoop: RCV realizes that every dog has its day, and that even the best of dogs goes through a bout of fleas at least once in it's life. Because of that, all of the restaurants and hot spots that we review have gone through rigorous investigation. We don't think that it's fair to our readers to pop in to a restaurant, order a meal, pick up the check, and then pass ourselves as expert. Besides, we think that when folks go online to get information on where to eat and enjoy that folks prefer to learn the inside scoop and get real rundown on how to make the best of their investment.

Food and Drink: Charlottesville boasts a nearly dizzying array of different high quality cuisine and watering holes. Feeling like Asian food? There's Thai 99, Peking Chinese Restaurant, Flaming Wok, Sakura and many more. Itching for premium burgers or Pizza? Options include, but are in no ways limited to, Boylan Heights, Five Guys, Christians Pizza, Annas and the Mellow Mushroom. Feelin fancy are ya? Then there's the C&O, Boars Head, Michie Tavern and many more. Wine and drink aficionados will appreciate Tastings, Ventana, Enoteca, Sipps and lots of other places.

The Music Scene: Charlottesville didn't just beget Dave Matthews Band, but it also started the careers of other hit bands like Earth to Andy, Everything and Fighting Gravity. John Paul Jones Arena's lineup for 2010 includes Taylor Swift, John Mayer, George Strait and Paramore. But it's the local music that so often makes dining and drinking in Charlottesville such a treat! Eating venues that specialize in promoting local acts and DJ music include Millers, where Dave Matthews used to tend bar before becoming an international mega-star, Escafe, X Lounge, and Blue Light Grill. - 32609

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Sushi - The Well-known And Delicious Yet Easy To Make Japanese Food

By Abhishek Agarwal

Sushi refers to a Japanese originated food of rice spiced with vinegar and topped with different spices and ingredients of raw or partly cooked seafood. Completely uncooked fish sliced alone is called sashimi. It will also be made as a roll of dried seaweed flavoured with herbs called makizushi. The origin of the remarkable element of the Japanese food, sushi has to do with the curing and fermentation of acids in the vinegar. The chemical reactions of raw fish and the formed amino acids as a result of its breakdown are secrets to the formation of the dish. The name itself is coined from a grammatical root of words translating into it is sour.

The best thing concerning Japanese recipes is that they're easy to made and always very delicious in their taste. These days in many countries and especially in North America the Japanese Sushi is made by the mixture 2 recipes; it means Sushi is cooked by following the recipes of both American and Japanese sushi.

Conceivably the most common Japanese food, sushi has developed many different styles and tastes in spite of maintaining a common principle of chemical reactions of vinegar and the tasty productions of these reactions. The reactions produce one of five basic taste sensations. Among the traditional forms of contemporary Japanese food, sushi, or Narezushi has become a more globally accepted Edomae nigisizushi.

There is a huge disparity between the originally milk based acid fermentation of the rice-based dish and these day sushi. Normally persons would not eat the rice part of the whole dish, only the fermentation generated fish portion was eaten. Vinegar was also put in to the original dish, developed by the natives near Lake Baiwa, as a means of preservation, when the fishermen spent most of the time on the lakes catching the fish. The development of the dish has since developed from pungent tasting funazushi to oshizushi. Putting in vinegar brought out the flavours of the fish and rice.

Today's version of sushi is the product of a combination of theories of curing fish and trapping the flavours of the fermentation procedure. For the requirement to quicken the making of sushi has bbecome a well-liked dish among the Japanese for many years. It's also developed recognition among those who have little time to have a meal, especially when travelling or watching movies.

For many people its a definite must on some gatherings and even lunch for the average Japanese is entirely incomplete without a bit of oshizushi with extra vinegar and a piece of yakatori glazed plus teriyaki and a bit of local fresh eel. It has much appeal even to the present day. But, it has become more of a delicacy across the world for those who are not completely accustomed to the Japanese customs. - 32609

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The Best Weight-Loss Dining In DC Revealed by DC Personal Trainer

By Josef Brandenburg

This may seem all too familiar to you. You have been trying to lose weight but choosing what you eat has been a tough task. Since most often you need to eat out, you have no control over what you should eat, as opposed to the control you have at home when you prepare your own food. This is a very hopeless situation for all those who target at losing weight. But do not worry, there is a way out of this calorie dominated lifestyle.

It is not easy, if you often eat out. Most of us will still have a small portion of something we are forbidden to eat, even though we know that we should keep away from it in order to meet our goals. A well trained personal at DC can advise you on some best places that offer you food rich in quality, low on calorie and at the same time within your budget. Let us look at few such restaurants in DC area that provide you fresh and healthy food at sensible prices.

Hanami (

Are you a sushi lover? If yes, Hanami ( is the place for you. It is one of the most sought after places for fish lovers. Here you get a wide variety of best quality fresh fish to choose from. If you are conscious about starch foods and looking to avoid them, then you have a wide selection to choose from. You can also decide between lip smacking dishes like tuna and salmon sashimi or dragon ball served with veggies, crab, roe and sauce enclosed in finely sliced avocado.

Outback Steakhouse (

Yep, that's right. When you think of the Outback Steakhouse, you probably think of their deep-fried onion treat, better known as a "bloomin' onion," which is certainly not something you want to ingest if you're looking to trim your waistline. Nonetheless, this seeming fairyland of fattening fare has some really good choices for the low-carb focused, fitness conscious diner. The seared ahi tuna appetizer is a particularly good choice.

Logan Tavern (

You might think the best personal trainer in DC wouldn't be caught in a tavern, but you'd be wrong. Right across the street from Whole Foods on 14th and P, you can substitute vegetables for any of their starchy side dishes. The crab cakes, too, are a diet and taste bud friendly choice.

The Heights (

"Mustard crusted tuna" may not sound very appetizing, but it is the perfect choice of any dieter looking for high nutrition and low calorie. Other dieter friendly dishes are also available. But be warned - the dishes are served with pasta or potatoes as a side dish unless you specifically ask for them to be replaced with veggies.

Grillfish (

Grillfish is a great choice, because everything on the menu is something you can have, as long as you avoid the starches. That's easy to do -- just ask for vegetable side dish subs for the potatoes, etc., when you need to and stay away from pasta.

One other thing: Make sure you loosely plan your meals ahead of time, even if you are eating out. Doesn't have to be set in stone, but making sure you include certain types of foods (like fish and steamed vegetables, for example) and exclude others (like desserts) will help keep you on track. - 32609

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Sushi Bar : Differences In Them

By Ingrid Preube

For those who like international cuisine, a sushi bar is one of the places that must be visited. Unlike a standard restaurant, a sushi bar is very comparable to a modern bar or tavern in the western cultures.

Meant for group socialization and finger meal, a sushi bar allows for good meal to be served without it taking up space. With entertainment, be it shows, television or sports, the sushi bar blends western and eastern cultures.

Japanese sushi bars are very unlike from the sushi bar working in United States or Canada. Japanese sushi bar usually works like a fast meal hotel, where sushi feasts are running over a conveyor and picked up by the costumers. The cost of the sushi may be various with respect to the size of the platters and customers pay it after selecting their sushi.

In western settings a sushi bar is just another grill or a regular bar or a closer example might be sushi restaurants themselves. In United States or Canada few sushi bars tender previously prepared sushi feasts you just need to pick and pay.

If you are a admirer of the sushi bar in American, you may get a surprise if you were to go to one in Japan. Where Americanized sushi is readily available in the sushi bars in the United States, bars in Japan are more traditional. This means there are less vegetarian friendly dishes, and more true forms of sushi. Octopus, squid and other seameal is used as elements, which often disgusts those not used to these elements in sushi.

The major dissimilarity in sushi restaurant and sushi bar is seating arrangement and the way in which they work. Lots of people regard sushi bars inexpensive and faster than the sushi restaurants. That is why sushi bars usually preferred only for delivery or take out and their sushi dishes are inferior to the sushi dishes which are available at standard sushi restaurants.

When you go to a sushi bar to order sushi, you will have a variety of unlike condiments to opt from. normally, sushi is served with a soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi.

Ocha is the most common drink served with sushi, a traditional green tea. In American, sake or ocha is served. The higher the quality of restaurant, the more likely sake is to be given as an alternative. In Japan, mecha is a high quality green tea that is preferred over ocha. - 32609

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